Welcome to Blow Your Diet

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Have you tried every diet on the face of this earth and blown each and every one of them out the back door?

If your answer is YES, welcome to Blow Your Diet!


The Diet never ends. Does it?

What have I got for you?

Once a week I'll provide original tips, tricks, "Take Actions" to help you

Keep it off,

Hold it back,

Hold it in,

Stop it from popping out

and if all else fails, how to Cover it up!

You'll receive a little bit of health and a little bit of crazy, but hey, if it works.

YES you can STILL have a beer, a glass of wine, a hamburger or those nachos, because what is life if you can't enjoy it?

Hallelujah, YES I GET IT!

Hi, I am Barb. I have been writing a book on how the diet never ends for almost as long as I have been dieting. It´s about time I put it out there.

I am an expert on dieting and I am equally sufficient at blowing my diet, so I am STILL working on those last 10 pounds, but I can do it if I have to and I´ll show you how.

If you have Had it, If you are DONE, SICK OF IT, FED UP and ready to throw in the towel with a Side of Fries,

Scroll up and SIGN UP for my newsletter.

Put on your Big Girl Panties and let's take a ride!


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