The Hot, New, Easy Fix it for Muffin Tops, Butt & Thighs

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Man have I got news for YOU!


YES, it is officially Spring. YUP, as of 2 days ago. It is here and it is beautiful. It means summer is around the corner and once again it will be time to chuck our jackets (that cover our roll). Toss our cardigans (that keep flabby arms out of view). Unbutton and remove those lovely long blouses that cover the butt and thighs. But on a positive note, it also means better weather and that weather is Motivating for us to get out and Get JIGGY with it!!

SO, Oh WOW OK  I can hardly stand it.

Once upon a decade, more like every 2 decades the Fashion World does us a favor in the way of Elephant Leg pants, Blouson tops and


No, its not a new version of  Bend and Snap!  

The half tucked-in blouse!
Have you seen this?
Have you tried this?
   Check it out!  


It hides the Muffin Top, flaps over the thigh....
and in the back it covers your rear!          

This is a godsend from heaven

I´m telling you WHAT!


I DID the 3 days Back on Track. I HAVE been Double Downing on weekends. I GOT the dumbbells going. I HAVE been trying, but I just haven't gotten serious about it and was it yesterday I caught a glimpse of my muffin top in the mirror and that stubborn, single-minded, defiant, determined, hard-headed roll just WILL NOT quit. Must be a woman!  I´m Getting there, but ya know it takes time. Patience.

IN THE MEANTIME, the Fashion World has saved us by coming up with the "The Half Tuck!" 

I may have tamed my Muffin Top but it is still there and The Half Tuck is the solution.

This is how you do it! THIS is with a sweater!

Look how it works its´magic!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

OH I LOVE IT! I saw Cameron wearing this look in a movie OH but she can wear anything.

I even tried it on the court the other day. I´ve got these colorful Pickleball shirts that are bright and colorful and fun but they cling to the Muffin top like frosting to a cake! I could see OUR reflection in the glass walls of the court (Me and my Muffin Top that is) ...then I remembered, "The Half Tuck."

I tucked the viscous shirt in my skirt and slowly pulled it up and out (We used to call this Blouson).   Wow, it fell over the MT and draped there beautifully.  I knew I looked better and I felt SO much better. NOW I could concentrate on getting my game on!!

 I AM ALL over this Look!!

Go on....get to your closet and try it out...I´d LOVE to see some pictures!! 
Before and After. 

Have a great weekend and just for fun....
Bend and Snap
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