Thank you I feel good

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I have to tell you about this weekend ....

My friends husband was out of town and we were going to make a weekend of it. Wild girls that we are, we were going to hit a movie!  Then she announced her son gave her two tickets to The Madrid Fashion Week. A cat walk. Wow! I had never been to anything like that. 

One thing is not having top fashion in your closet, another is what fits. Out come the Skinny Jeans. I  look COOL in my Skinny Jeans and I can accessorize with a Fab blouse and chunky jewelry. I found them near the back of my closet, stepped into the legs, grabbed the waist, yanked and pulled them up into place.
        Ruh Roh....Muffin Top!!

There it sat perched above the top button of my jeans destined to be an issue.


I threw on heels to feel taller and slimmer and explained the crisis to my friend who replied,

"Suck it in!"

NO, no, no, no, no.....NOT.   Been there done that.

Do YOU have a pair of "Skinny Jeans" in the back of your closet?

WHAT exactly are they doing there?

We all have our Skinny Jeans but what about our FAT Pants? I DO most definitely have a few pairs of fat pants. Thank God. What would I do without them? They are like an old comforting friend unlike the MEAN Skinny Jeans.

Tonight I needed to FEEL good. Sexy! I still say. I acquired a pair of camouflage pants in the winter sales. My daughter wasn't too sure about Mom in camouflage, but surely I could whoop something up. I stepped into the military looking pants and fastened the button. Not bad, not bad Barb! I threw on a chartreuse green T-shirt and my military jacket to cover any tummy roll that might sneak into view and added a chunky necklace to draw attention away. Not bad.

I stepped out and my friend said, "Wow. You look fabulous." To which I replied,
 "Thank you I feel good." 
(I overheard my sister say that to someone at a cocktail party once and I have never forgotten.)
What do you say when you receive a compliment?  "Oh this old thing," or "Are you kidding I´ve gained 5 pounds." What´s wrong with looking good and feeling good?


We headed to the Fashion Show feeling comfortable albeit our high heels. We enjoyed Gin tonics and had a great time! Once home we had another before hitting the sheets at 2:30 a.m. The following day I had a big dinner where I kicked up my heels on the dance floor until 3.30 a.m. Monday morning I walked in my closet exhausted and overweight and headed straight for my old jeans. Great weekend, but oh Monday morning. I usually save my jeans for Friday casual dress day but I needed simple and comfort. THATS when I remembered my Fat pants. Bring on the Fat pants!!

Do you have a pair of Fat pants?
I pulled out my black pressed fat pants. I realized, I knew, I´d feel better all day if I wore clothes that fit well. Guess what? I looked better too. LOVE them Fat Pants!

SO, go ahead and put on an outfit that makes you feel good.
....and when someone says,
"Hey, you look Great!",  
 Treat yourself to:

"Thank you I feel good."

Dear Readers: Don´t be shy.
I´ve received a few letters last week and one in particular commenting how she was "Gun-shy" to put a comment below.
 I´d LOVE to hear from you. YES, let me know what YOU would like to read?
What topic would YOU like to read about. After all...for me, it´s all about YOU!
 Scroll on way down.....

I´ll be looking for ya.


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  2. Hi Barbara - truly enjoy hearing about life's adventures and your life in general. I've never been to Spain and find the European culture fascinating! Additionally, I agree that when someone gives you a compliment, it should be accepted graciously. :)