Drink Water

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Give me some Water..... 
Eddie Money rings in my ears....Remember him??

My friend Debbie says she drinks 100 ounces of water every day...OMG she must live in the bathroom!

Do you drink that much water or have you ever tried??

That's 3 liters to me. Keeps the right arm bicep in shape...then again mine already is in good shape thanks to Beer Mugs so I guess I just need to swap the liquid I keep in it!

But lets break it down. What else counts as water without cheating i.e. Beer?

Everything except Coffee and that includes COKE dear readers. C´mon ya know the stuff is bad for ya but sometimes I just need a Fizz Fix.

Once I even tested if Coke really can corrode a nail made of iron to convince myself not to drink the stuff anymore. NOT. I left it there for weeks and nothing happened. 
However, Sugar water, talk about processed food!!
Wrong again.
It isn't EVEN a food. So when I need a Fizz Fix, my Go-To is Soda water. You have to watch the sodium but with a little lemon or even a drop of OJ...it gives me the Fizz Fix I need.

Back to Water, Deb says she drinks when she gets up in the morning and every time she goes to the bathroom. Guess I´ll leave a book in the bathroom plenty of time to get my reading in! I like to get in some water with Green Tea. They say it boosts your metabolism...HEY you know I´ll try anything so WTH?

The easiest way for me to drink water is when I am exercising.
You get thirsty! So make sure you have that water there...take advantage of the craving and Git er done!

Don't drink water too close to bedtime as it may wreck havoc on your sleeping. Gotta get your beauty sleep.

Speaking of Beauty Sleep....OMG when I was in Ireland last week I stayed with a girlfriend of mine from Spain. Her mother was visiting too. She picked us both up at the airport. As we drove to her home in south county Dublin she looked at her Mom and said, "Mama, what did you do to your face?" (I had never met the woman before so I didn't know WHAT she was talking about).

 "Are you using Botox Mom?" she insisted. I jumped to attention in the back seat of the car and took a good look at the woman's face having no idea of her age to judge the before and after.

"Your skin really looks good, you have less wrinkles Ma. Are you using Botox?"  
WOW...I thought...she must really have tightened some wrinkles for her daughter to react that way. I wiggled around in the back seat of the car. I kept looking at the woman's face as she blew off her daughters comments with a ridiculous wave of the hand, "No, no, Que no," she said, "Its something the lady at I don't know gave me. She said I needed it."
"Well what is it?" Stella insisted. The woman thought for a moment....
"Its...ah...." and she thought.....

Quick Barb, Desperately I scrambled in the back seat, squeezed between my suitcase and child seats. I  dug  deep in my purse  scrounging for a piece of paper, an old receipt, a post it with my To-Do list WHATEVER and a pen...ANYthing to write it down...waiting for the words of the Dream Cream to role off her lips.

TECH UP BARB Good Cow I beat myself up. Punch it in your phone for goodness sakes or RECORD the conversation! (My memory being what it is these days I knew I would forget the name of it as soon as it came across her lips.)

OK I have no idea how long this Spanish wrinkle cream has been around but, I have heard of it before AND the story that made it famous. Apparently Isabel Preysler (Ex wife of Julio Iglesias nonetheless) a very famous woman in Spain, tossed a used bottle of it in the trash can of an airport and a lady approached to see what it was. The rest is history although she later denied it. Turns out to be the same brand Stella's Mom is using.

The following morning Stella left us alone while she took the kids to school and her Mom said, "Come here," insisting I REALLY needed the solution.
Yikes. I obeyed. She smoothed a few dabs on my face. 

I dare say my face looked pretty good wrinkle-wise in the selfie I took when MY Mom arrived! There is something smooth about it don't ya think?? 
I was SOLD  and picked some up for myself as soon as I was back in Madrid.
AND the good news is, 
it´s dirt cheap!!!
Only $14.99  
      Euro exchange and Shipping included!            
My sisters would NEVER forgive me if I was to mention a fabulous wrinkle cream and keep it to myself to run wrinkle free.
SO, BE among the first to get this Fabulous Solution!!

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OK I think I broke the record on going off on a tangent this week but I HAD to tell you.     
So what have we learned today?

Drink water. My sister Cathy swears by it and my friend Debbie too. Debbie has lost 65 pounds and kept if off for 6 years! Amazing. Here is her web linking to how she chose optimal health.
She would LOVE to hear from you. debbiechaney0916@gmail.com 

Have a great weekend
and don't forget to Get your Drink ON!

Get some new subscribers and I'll get that link to you.
Ready to rock here!                                                                                 

              Hit it EDDIE!!



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  1. Great article Barb-thanks for mentioning me! Did you know that drinking water is also great at keeping our skin looking youthful? I have forwarded this on to a friend, so hopefully she'll subscribe to your blog. Keep spreading the words of health and humor Barb-you are a talent to be shared!

    1. Hi Deb...just saw this! Usually I receive a note when someone comments. Love collaborating with you!

  2. Thanks Barb, you are fantastic!
    And now that you have brought up the issue on "drinking water", let’s make it a bit “tastier” to it as we also, cleanse our body and systems.

    1) A detoxing mix:
    2 liters of water
    1 lemon in pieces
    1 cucumber
    10 leaves of mint
    optional ginger
    Mix together and let it settle over night

    2) Alkaline water
    Generally, water has a pH level of 7 (which is neutral) or 8 on the pH scale of 1-12. Acidic substances have pH levels between 1-6 while alkaline substances have pH levels between 8-12.
    Keep in mind the best type of alkalized water is made with filtered or bottled water
    There are different ways to make it at home but the easiest for me can be with either baking soda or lemons.
    Baking soda:
    For every gallon of water, you wish to alkalize, mix it with a ½ tablespoon of baking soda. Shake the mixture vigorously until the baking soda dissolves completely. Once it has, our water is ready to drink. Baking soda out of the box should do the trick; however, some say baking the baking soda first increases its potential to turning the water alkaline.

    It’s true that lemons are acidic, but they’re also anionic. As our body processes the lemon water, it alkalizes within us. When making a pitcher of lemon water, use one whole lemon and cut it up into eighths.
    It’s unnecessary to squeeze them, because you place all the pieces in the pitcher. Cover the pitcher, and allow the water to sit for 8-12 hours at room temperature. The best time to make this type of water is before bed, so it can sit overnight unbothered.

    1. FANTASTIC input Frenchie. Thank you so much!