3 Days Back on Track

Thursday, February 09, 2017

                                                                         YIKES it’s FEBRUARY
1 month ago we were making New Year’s Resolutions.
I absolutely refused to state once again “Lose weight.” No way.  There has GOT to be a better way to start the year than with last year’s failures.

            Have you tried the:
 “This year I am going to drink water.”
       … And the ever popular:
“This year I am going to exercise!”
But now it’s February and I for one haven’t even started. Crap. Okay so I live in Spain and here we celebrate 3 Kings day so I get to continue eating and drinking a full week past January 1st to gain even more weight.
THIS year MY “New Year’s Resolution 2017”, was Exceptional!! 

I am going to MAINTAIN my weight loss.
Good job Barb, but first you have to lose the weight. Oh we all know how to do that. 
If you are here: www.blowyourdiet.com ,
 We KNOW how to lose weight and we KNOW how to Blow our diets, but stay Slim?  Obviously the problem is Maintenance.

So, yes, it’s FEBRUARY and next month is March…not exactly bikini time, bikini isn’t even in my vocab any more.

But it is time to say YES I CAN and sorry Obama did not can that phrase…it was the Nutty Professor!!

Yes YOU can and here is how:

Do you have a hard time getting back on track unless you have a special event coming up and you want to LOOK Fabulous?                  
I can easily diet if I am going home to friends and family. I can always curb my late night picking if there is a wedding coming up, a get together with my peeps, or god save me I have to show up in a bathing suit!

My sister Cathy recently gave me one of those crazy 3 day cleansing diets!
 (Do we really need to cleanse our insides?? Would a couple drops of dish soap in our water do??)
The cleanse promised weight loss so we gave it a try. 
We DID lose some weight, not as much as promised BUT,
What DID happen is we GOT BACK ON TRACK!
We were back in the mind set of watching our weight. We started to walk; we stretched in the morning, dropped for a few sit-ups. We got back in the swing of things, back in the BE GOOD state of mind. We had already dropped a few pounds, so we were feeling good about ourselves. We were BACK ON TRACK!
Think about it. If you were driving down the freeway and you missed your turnoff, would you continue in the same direction because “You messed up anyway?” NO. You would pull off at the very first off ramp!  

           Take 3 Days → Back on Track
Your choice:
  •  3 Day Cleansing
  •  3 Day Fruits or Vegetable smoothies
  •  3 Day…remember the Egg &Tomato? The Banana & Milk?
  •  The Cabbage Soup   Has anyone EVER finished that POT of Soup!!

Whatever works for you? Whatever you can stick to for 3 days.

Be sure to: 

-Check your agenda to secure 3 days without working lunches, dinners, parties, etc.
-Plan what you will eat.
-Shop to have on hand your food choices.

Remember ONLY 3 days

Give it a go and let me know how you are doing.

Write me an email Blowyourdiet@gmail.com

Or leave a comment on the blog below www.blowyourdiet.com

Ready, Set, Go Go Go!!
                                       ...and have a great weekend!


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  1. YES, somebody...(I´m not going to mention any names) wanted to do a liquid version of the 3 Days Back on Track.......Shall I name the liquid??? Starts with a ¨V¨,......OH MY!!!!