A Word to the Thighs

Thursday, March 09, 2017

My girlfriend commented on our girls group chat the other day, that she had been exercising but had not seen any results as of yet, and carried on to compare her lower half  to be as grand and visible as the Great Wall of China!

I must say I have admired Jennifer Lopez ever since I heard HER say "You could set a table on mine!" She owns it!

According to my girlfriend you could take vacation on hers.

It takes weeks of consistent dedication to see results from exercise not to mention combination diet and exercise. 

As another reader commented last week

Calories in/Calories out
She is totally right.

Have you heard of a passive income?

You know, an income requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient.
Make money while you sleep.

 Well guess what??

"No way."  "OMG!"   "It cant be true!"

Yes it really does. I was finally convinced to give this a try by Jim Karas, author of  Business Plan for your Body. I used to read his articles whenever I got a hold of a Good Housekeeping Magazine. 

Everything he said just made sense.

"Build Muscle, it burns more calories at rest."

NO Not Muscles !!!  

I KNOW it´s scary.

 "I´m frightened 
Auntie Em"

We don´t want to bulk up! But you won't. In fact, we lose an average of 5 percent of our muscle mass every 10 years after the age of 35—if we don't do anything about it.  Yeah you can be scared!  Cuz we automatically burn less calories....and we´re gonna get fat!

Not fair man.

No doubt you have heard this before but have you done it??

Don´t be scared.

There are some seriously GREAT things about bustin' out those dumbbells.
  • You can do it watching TV!
  • AND, you are not supposed to do it every day!

"Dang, I can't do weights today cuz I did it yesterday."  

.....YET, it keeps Burnin' them calories. "I'm in Jim! "HELLO!

PLUS, building muscle isn't an exercise that takes the enormous motivation of getting yourself to go out and jog 5 miles rain, shine, sun or snow, OR step into a bathing suit and jump in a pool to do 30 laps....Aaargh!

You can do it in the morning, you can do it at night, you can do it while you are talking on the friggin' phone!! And it Packs a Punch!

Start with a weight that's heavy enough so you "fail" by the 10th rep (meaning your muscles are too tired to do another), counting to three when bringing the weights up and again when bringing them down. 

You DO have to be consistent, but I noticed even when I did go off track after several weeks I didn't gain weight like before. On your off days you can do the other exercise you usually do...sit ups, gym, zumba, spin, yoga...whatever.

So pick up some 5 pound weights and Pack some Punch!  
Keep moving, 
          Keep up the good work AND 
                                                         Keep having fun....         GOTTA make it fun!


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  1. Thanks, Barbara, appreciate the tip - I'll give it a try!
    P.S. Cute pic of you exercising! :)