The 7 Rules to not gain weight on Vacation

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Mom  is going on a Tour of Ireland.
Oh boy that is just a 2 hour flight for me.

I’m coming MOM!

What a fab idea. I leave tomorrow…but, I´ve been planning for weeks. I plan to sneak in her room, and join the tours. No I´m not a Leprechaun. I Planned.

Most people work. We plan our days, our weeks, we have our monthly plan and we have our goals.
We plan our family and social time and we plan our vacation. 

Along with that vacation plan…comes what we are going to wear, from comfortable walking shoes to keeping warm, bringing an umbrella or packing the sunscreen.

When I go home for a family visit I wear my skinny jeans. I'm looking GOOD for my Big arrival and .... You got it right, I pack my Fat Pants for the flight home. I want to be comfortable and I have a PRETTY good idea of what size  I will be!  
BUT,  Monday after Vacation...
Back on the diet again.      
NO. I’m Done.


So this time I am following the:
7 Rules to NOT gain weight on Vacation!

 7 Easy tips and tricks to NOT gain weight on vacation!

Vacation Type 1 – The BOMB!  All included paradise vacation…Sit on the beach, eat and drink! The worst thing about this type of vacation is you are wearing a stretchy bikini or a spandex one piece (in my case) and nothing is putting pressure on the you are feeling no pain or pounds and go at it like a kid in a candy store!

Vacation Type 2 – The TITANIC!   All included Cruise! Cruise the world on an all you can eat and drink luxury ship. All I can say is YIKES!

Vacation Type 3 – The Family reunion – Moms home cooking, Auntie Margo's pasta, Dustins Rub My Butt prize winning ribs, Party at Daves, Alesia ordered Pizza, carmel corn at the mall, In & Out Burgers (LOVE those burgers), AND Cathy is making Margaritas, beans, rice, enchiladas and nachos! 

I GOT This.

4 Day trip to Dublin. Absolutely do-able!  
Here we go.
No sweat, No problem

1. PLAN Ahead Bring water, healthy snacks from home (will save you money too.)

2. GO Ahead Arrive a day early or arrive even just a few hours before everyone else.
Check in, take a brisk walk. Check out the city!

3. START Ahead you never know how the day will end so get some exercise in the morning. It comes down to uping the exercise if you are going to up your calories. We know this. I´m just reminding you. On a City visit this is easy as you will be walking a lot anyway. In your room, if you don’t want to travel with weights you have a chair for half squats, walls for resistance training, floor for push ups and MTV for cardio. Also, you can plan ahead and get a hotel with a gym and even a pool.

4. GET Up early to exercise, get up those stairs, get up and GO!

5. GET Around  Walk everywhere. I was in London for 5 days last year and although we wanted to take a double decker red bus, we walked everywhere. Ya get to know every nook and cranny of the city. You will discover off the beaten path restaurants and authentic (not touristy ) shops! It will add SO much to your trip!

6. GET Down   DANCE    I hope to learn the Irish rain dance!! It´s Vacation!!

7. HAVE FUN   Fun doesn't tend to come sitting down so if you are having fun I´ll bet it is out and about!

OK, I gotta pack my bags...

Have a GREAT Weekend,


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Thank you  😊



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  1. Hi Barbara! Best wishes for a wonderful trip to Ireland! Have fun connecting with your mom and enjoy the sites - walking! Bon Appetit!

  2. Hi Barbara!!

    I'll do my best to prevent weight gain during Easter Holidays and I will follow your advice. Especially point 7.
    Arregui ;)

  3. Ah Point 7!! I´ll be right by your side!