The Caffeine Machine

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Discover The Caffeine Machine.

        Coffee, the one food that is allowed on ALL weight loss diets.

Caffeine is a Dynamo!

Coffee is the “All in one Solution!”

Let me tell you about the Caffeine machine. Caffeine as we all know, is a stimulant.         
It makes you GO.
What’s the first thing we have in the morning? What´s that smell that says,
 “Uhm wake up?” A cup of fresh brewed coffee.

I love the smell of coffee in the morning. One of the highest compliments I’ve ever received is when my skinny friend came for a visit with her Brazilian husband. I was pouring my first cup when Filipe came down and delighted in the aroma exclaimed, “UHM, it smells like my mother’s house!” 

Any comment that puts you anywhere near "Mama" is exceptional coming from a Latinos mouth! I was honored. We still brew our coffee in a percolator type coffee machine in Spain. The coffee that comes out of this unique coffee maker is SO good that I even travel with one.  Honestly I do NOT know how Starbucks ever made it here!

A cup of fresh brewed coffee makes you GO! It makes you get up out of bed and get going. Actually so does tea. I understand tea has even more caffeine than coffee, but I´m a coffee person.

You may also know that coffee once in your digestive system, physically makes you GO…. to the bathroom that is.

Yup, it is part of the morning routine. We get up and weigh ourselves right after going to the bathroom in the morning,
HAVE you ever jumped BACK on the scale after that first cup of coffee has taken its effect???

That coffee is Causing a Commotion


Additional weight loss?

So you can imagine my reaction when I stumbled upon Bulletproof Coffee!  I thought, “What the heck is this?” 
Click, click, and click and I ran right into Ryan Jerome and his famous Have you heard of this stuff? Its about having your morning coffee with The Good fats…grass fed butter and MCT oil better known as Coconut oil to get your metabolism revved up to start the day!
It made sense to me.  
So after a thorough search for the ingredients…not easy to find here…I finally got it together and am giving that coffee a try. Tastes like toast…must be the butter!

Back to Coffee. Do you know that coffee is used in 90% of slimming and cellulite reduction creams? Read the ingredients. Did you also know that coffee is used in face creams for example for reduction of under eye bags? Yes once again Caffeine to the rescue. And it is much more pleasurable to rub a cream with caffeine under your eyes than the tried and true hemorrhoid treatment!

Ya think?  I be like     
LOVE Sandra!

Have you ever tried coffee grounds as a stimulating body exfoliater? I love DIY stuff, been making my own for years. Mix regular cream with used coffee grounds. Add some cinnamon. The smell is wonderful. Rub it on and exfoliate in the shower. It feels and smells wonderful.…keep the leftovers by the sink for soft hands. I especially scrub my tummy where I have accumulated not only fat and flab but YES cellulite. Unfortunate but true. And its great for the Butt and Thighs! 

Here in Europe women use slimming and cellulite creams much more than in the USA. European woman use treatments and creams and massages. They believe in this stuff. But I don't think that is what keeps them so slim. I have been here over 30 years and I have had an eye on these woman, WHAT are they doing differently? 

Its the food they eat. The food here is 90% NOT processed. It is made from scratch. I cant make half of the recipes I find in US magazines because the ingredients are a box of this, a can of that..all processed! I cant even follow a lot of diets because I cant buy the processed food. I do believe they are on to something with eating all this processed food. Can´t be good.
People buy their bread fresh every day. It has ZERO additives. The following morning that loaf of bread is so hard I swear its a lethal weapon! WHAT about the chorizo?? HELLO!! But it too is all natural, No additives. They even allow it on Atkins here!

Caffeine like eggs is constantly going back and forth as being found good for you, then they say it is not good for you. Recently I´ve read a lot about it being good for you, like most foods, taken within reason.   

I say GET your caffeine. MAKE yourself a pot of coffee, SAVE the grounds and take advantage of this fabulous “ALL IN ONE” weight loss, and beauty product. Skin smoother, cellulite reducer SUPER EDIBLE FOOD AND BEAUTY product.

You can drink it up, rub it on your body and pat it on your eyes.

Being beautiful and feeling good is not all about what you weigh. Its the whole enchilada....or should I say the whole cup of Coffee!

Would you like to read more about how women stay slim in Europe?

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  1. Hi Barbara!
    I appreciate your observation regarding the "slimmer" women of Europe. Indeed, we Americans decidedly choose the path of least resistance when it comes to our food consumption - unfortunately. Yes, please instruct us further as to how Europeans in general keep their weight off. BTW - you failed to mention that coffee enemas are great for your gut! :)

  2. Hi E,

    I had to look coffee enemas up!!! Never heard of it before! That would surely get the job done now wouldn't it!!!