KEEP the Weight OFF

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

“In two decades I've lost a total of 789
I should be hanging from a charm bracelet.”      

Erma Bombeck

The homemaker who spun humorous anecdotes about suburban family life  into a column.

So why is it that bracelet wont even go around my wrist?

Because we cheat. We Blow our Diets!

And the key isn't another diet cuz the last one DID work and so did the one BEFORE that!
The problem is we Gain vs Maintain
Whaddaya gonna do?

You are gonna wait till Monday and start again. Because the Diet Never ends ...Does it?

So Saturday might look like this:
I DO LOVE Popcorn!

AND Sunday night will probably look like this: 

OOPS! Busted!

So HERE is the Solution and it's not even THAT hard.

          1. You lose your 5, 10 ...up to 25 pounds. STOP         
You´ve crossed your Finish Line BUT...


Enter Rule #2 and not just because it comes after 1. It is the 2 Rule.
2 pounds up 2 pounds down.
Lemme splain: Once you lose the weight, for the next 21 days, KEEP IT OFF. 

        GO AWAY        BEAT IT!

You HAVE to MAINTAIN your weight loss. MAINTAIN your current weight not allowing yourself to gain more than 2 pounds OR Lose more than 2 pounds.

Don’t GAIN and Don’t LOSE.

Our bodies are like a foam memory mattress...(My belly is like a foam memory mattress but that’s another story.) Your body will get used to your new weight and it will become the norm. But you need to stay within the 2 pound limit. After 21 days you can continue your weight loss if that is your goal, or slowly up your calorie/carb intake watching the 2 pound gain limit when you have to cut back a few days and HOLD.
This is how you find your personal limit.

You've GOT to LIVE by Rule 2
Go for it and in the meantime,
... let´s get moving to BEAT IT!!

Michael Jackson was Amazing!

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