Double Down

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Like a Po-po-poker game we take a gamble every weekend with the pounds we lost or kept at bay during the week. We are on a train bound for nowhere but on gaining those pounds right back .

 No wonder The Diet never ends.
The good news is you can stay on that train or you can double your stakes! The problem isn´t the Monday through Friday shindig, That's Good. The problem, and we know it, is the weekend and the solution is ya gotta do the Double Down.

If you're gonna play the game, you gotta learn to play it right and I´ll show you how.

SO, Who IS READY to Double Down?
I´m going to show you how to take your Monday through Friday and Double Down for 2 more days turning those 5 "BE Good" days into 7. It´s my 2+ Day Plan!

 And you STILL get your weekend! 

I confess I am a Yo-yo dieter. I diet, or "Watch what I eat", "Eat healthy", call it what you will Monday through Friday, every week of every month, year after year after year. And I get nowhere. Fridays I meet friends for beers, Saturday I might have a dinner, or worse a cocktail and on a rainy Sunday it just feels right to make a batch of cookies for the kids. Love that cookie dough and I pop it right into my pie hole. OOPS!

But every once in a while I will have an event coming up and I really have to Buckle Down to take some pounds off to get in some dress I purchased convinced a slimmer me would make it perfect. NOT! I will not forego my beers so I had to find a way.

That´s when I came up with the 2+ Day Plan.


Do you really always have plans on Saturday?
(I´m a pretty social person but I don´t always have plans) AND it doesn't rain every Sunday even in Seattle!     

Here is the first tip.


If you are going to start a formal diet, one that tells you what to eat, snack and drink. Start on Friday. Day 1 of a diet is when you are prepared, motivated, ready to go. The first few days are pretty easy because you are really motivated...this is the old Monday, Tuesday Wednesday. So if you exchange those days for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, by the time you get to Monday, you will already have lost a few pounds. Good for you. And, we KNOW you can get through M-F. Ya do it all the time.

How much will you have lost by the following Friday? WOW!
So its the weekend again, but hey you have been good an entire week...seems YOU are Back on Track! I´ll wager keeping it up through weekend # 2 won´t be too hard.

Game Plan Two
If you are on your own. No diet plan, just being good, the usual M-F "Watch what you eat", "Eat healthy" plan, and you want to lower your risk of gaining back what you lost M-F:
                  SPOT THE LOOPHOLE

Look for a loophole in your weekend plans. Are you free Friday? Did Saturdays' plans cancel? Do you have a family stay-at-home day on Sunday? Surely 1, or even 2 of these lethal, toxic, dangerous weight gain days is free. IF so, SPOT IT and take advantage to eat healthy, even exercise.

What´s GREAT is it can be spontaneous! So what if you have already had breakfast when your afternoon plans cancel, (At breakfast you can get away with just about anything), so GO healthy at lunch and LIGHT at dinner and BOOM not only have you  kept weight gain at may have even lost!!

 There you have it!

 My 2+ Day Formula to Double Down to insure you maintain, get an edge up and even get EXCITED about losing that next pound.

  1. Do the Monday through Friday thang
  2. Start on Friday
  3. and SPOT your Loopholes
                             As for Cocktail parties when it comes to picking:

You've got to know when to hold 'em..your mouth shut
Know when to fold 'em...the napkins
Know when to walk away
And know when to run
You never count your money calories
When you're sittin' at the table
There'll be time enough for countin'
When you´re weighing in
 See  y’all next week!

  .......... if you´re Lovin it! Thanks for SHARING 😊 

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  1. Hi Barbara, appreciate the tips! I find that getting on my treadmill after dinner really helps! :)