The #1 All-time best way to Lose weight!

Thursday, March 02, 2017

My coworker who looks great says she never eats sweets. She claims she can’t as she has a tendency to gain weight. She sure doesn’t look like it.

I have another skinny girlfriend who says, “OMG how can you eat dinner? No wonder you have a weight problem.”  OUCH!

A skinny ex-coworker of mine would bring half a sandwich to work for lunch. Half a sandwich!

In college, Skinny friend #4 and I would go to the Drive-thru for a burger. She would take one, maybe two bites of her burger and say, “This is gross, you want it?”

WHO knows the answer to THAT?

OK so she was a really picky eater still is, but she had a couple bites of the burger, a couple fries…and yours truly ate the rest. I was a starving student how could I let all that food go to “Waist?”¨

(Hmm seems I have been surrounding myself with people who are skinny when we ALL know we are supposed to surround ourselves with people fatter than us to LOOK thinner.   Ha ha!!

     I SWEAR that is NOT one of my tips! HA!

SO, I was watching Gossip Girl (shame on me), when Serena lied to Blair saying she was meeting someone for pizza,…

“YOU haven’t eaten bread since mid-school,” Blair retaliated!

 OH MY!!

Is that it?
These people are thin because they eat less?
Is that how they do it?


That conversation made me think. 
We know Weight Watchers works but we had hoped to look better in a bathing suit by summer let alone before we die. We´ve read all the books, we know all the tricks, we´ve mixed our shakes, we´ve Atkined, Scarsdaled, South Beached it, and more recently we have Paleoed.  YES, they have even convinced us to eat like cavemen to lose weight. Good God is it any wonder they convinced us to look even bigger in the 80´s by adding shoulder pads?
Have you gone GREEN? Green KALE that is; KALE shakes, KALE chips…REALLY?
This is not Rocket Science? And I for one think we are workin WAY too hard. Seriously, if I have to calculate my BMI one more time I think I´m going to die. I know every calorie, carbohydrate and the fat percentage of every edible item of food on the face of this earth!

Why am I telling you something you already know??

WE KNOW HOW to do this! Do we? Or did we forget? We are forgetting the basics. When I started my book and my blog I said I’m not going to tell you what to do, I’m not going to tell you what you can’t eat. I am sticking with you and I am sticking to my plan. 


Just don’t eat SO much. 


Basically it comes down to that. It really is that simple. The GREAT news is…you are already Ready to Go! You can apply this Free, Easy, All-time BEST way to lose weight to your life right now. I mean right this minute, even if you are meeting a friend for lunch in five.

  • No preparation
  • No extra trips to the supermarket
  • No weird foods
  • No separate meal for you at the table while everyone else eats the good stuff
  • No counting calories, carbohydrates or fat
  • No weighing food
I find it Refreshing and Exciting to eat anything I want.

  • Have 1 piece of pizza and salad (Watch the dressing)
  • Have a burger...skip the cheese and bacon....share the fries
  • Have Taco salad vs. a the beans skip the rice.
Going out to dinner.
  • Have steak and salad...skip the bread and potatoes...get the veggies.
All within reason
  • Wine instead of beer  OUCH!  That´s a tough one for me.
  • Cocktails: Choose Vodka soda vs a Margarita
You can have it light when you can and when you cant, Make good Choices.…..

Freedom of choice.  

Let me know how you make it through the weekend!

Have a good one,


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  1. It's true, Calories In, Calories Out! We have to change our behaviors. I've just started one of those programs that supply you with food and shakes... I KNOW the CICO formula is what it comes down to. I'm hopeful the program will help me change my relationship with food and re-set my mentality with eating.

    1. Calories in, Calories out...that's SO right. I´ve got some Calories Out blogs coming up I hope will help you burn some up. I think all diets work if ya stick to them so go for it! Thanks for writing.