Oh Shit it´s Summer!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

It´s official. It´s summer. I don't know if it is when the snow melts, when school ends, or ok so June 21st it´s official!
What marks it for you? 
IF you have been good you can strut your bad self this summer. I know it´s hard work. You deserve it. CONGRATS! But it wont be the first year summer has caught me unprepared and it enters like an "Oh shit" moment...forgive me but having to bare your bod when you aren't ready is not fun.

SO Whaddaya gonna do??

You have a BBQ pool party this weekend?"

 Don't FREAK

All you need are 3 days!
Anyone can do that!
I KNOW you want that ice cold beer.
...but hold on.
The best thing about 3 Days back on Track is first you will drop a few pounds. The bloat, the puff of all that salt, sugar and beer AND you will look and feel better.
Make yourself a priority
You will get in the hang of eating healthy delicious summer fruit, drinking cucumber water, healthy lemonade and get that body moving!
From there all the habits will kick in and you will be lookin good and feeling fine!!

This year, I'm not there YET but I did get a head start. I followed a 6 week Melt Down Challenge and took off 6% of my weight. Next week they are kicking off another one. Starts Monday. This link will take you straight to Debbie my coach http://mdcinvite.co/ASJZ , AND we will even be on the same team. It is the funnest way to pull yourself together cuz it´s not just weight loss, it is getting enough sleep, taking time to relax...OH What's that?? HELLO!!

.....and my favorite part ...they tell you to get in 30 minutes a day of ANY exercise. HEY MAN WE can do that!! 

HEY Debbie did I tell you I signed up for Tap classes. I am so excited. Let´s make some noise!!

Allow yourself to ENJOY the wonderful weather.
Step outside and breathe.
The light, colorful clothes.
Vacation, beaches, lakes and rivers.
So much to see, so much to do.


Or as my youngest sister says YIPPEEE!!!
And one thing you can do RIGHT NOW:
That means you are going to try on a zillion suits. You can find great suits from Target to Nordstrom's that are made for your bod be it big boobs, no boobs, big butt or flat a_ _, muffin top, saddle bags we could go on huh??

Take your time YOU are worth it!

Have a great weekend


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